June 2010
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Life is like a bowl of…salmon????

I was just thinking how fishing, especially king fishing, is a lot like life: try as you might, you just cant predict or control the outcome, and rolling with the punches, taking the good with the bad, savoring the highs and  ”dealing with” the lows becomes the wisest course of action. Take yesterday, a terribly slow day on the mighty Kenai. Looking around, assesing other boats and anglers, it was clearly apparent that the overall average success rate was about 1/3 of a fish per boat. (How does one catch a third of a salmon, one might ask?) This is to say that every third boat might have one fish on board, for four anglers! That’s about as slow as it gets, with odds of getting skunked (I hate that word!) far outweighing odds of catching even ONE king salmon!

Still, one gets up, adjusts their attitude, tries their hardest, RE-adjusts their attitude, and makes the best of it, attempting not to dwell on the negative but instead enjoying the fresh air, wild life, pretty sights and the hope that “on the Kenai River, ANYTHING can happen!”

And often, it does: yesterday morning, several hours into an ultra-slow day of fishing, first time salmon angler, ten year old Austin Knight blurts a sudden “Hey, hey, hey!!!” as his violently rod dips and line screams from the reel! Fifteen minutes later, he is grinning ear to ear (check out the recent photos on my facebook page!) on the bow of my powerboat, straining to heft his ultra-thick, chrome-bright Kenai king of 42 pounds!

AND JUST LIKE LIFE, you simply tuck away these extra-special memories for those darker times when things just don’t seem to roll your way!

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