June 2010
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They’re here!

Just got  a very excited notice, via e-mail, from our air charter service that the reds (sockeye salmon) are finally “in” at Wolverine Creek, as are a couple of regular visitors in the form of a black bear sow with cubs and two brown bears! Its about time: wow, has everything been late arriving [...]

Life is like a bowl of…salmon????

I was just thinking how fishing, especially king fishing, is a lot like life: try as you might, you just cant predict or control the outcome, and rolling with the punches, taking the good with the bad, savoring the highs and  ”dealing with” the lows becomes the wisest course of action. Take yesterday, a [...]

Well, our trout season is underway! The upper and middle Kenai River “opened up” a few days ago, and our trout guru guides (Tom and Eric) report good catches of native Rainbows and Dolly Varden (char) on both sections of river! PLUS, on the upper Kenai, the early run of sockeye salmon (commonly called [...]

That’s using your head!

ok, so one of my halibut skippers, who will remain nameless, relays this classic story of “brains and brawn” from last week. I guess two of my clients, a husband/wife team (who also will remain nameless right now) had a clever but effective relationship. The wife, being a lady angler (whom we all know [...]

Halibut fishing is hard to beat!

While king fishing may be the lowest success rate of all our fisheries, halibut fishing WITH A GIFTED, VETERAN SKIPPER is likely the highest! Barring rough weather that occationally prevents guests from getting on the water, our guests nearly always get their two fish per person limit! In fact, it is such a “gimme” [...]

Why “Guiding for a Living” is SO cool!

OK-previously I wrote a somewhat depressing (but honest) blog entry entitled “A very tough day!” or something along those lines! Well, here is the other side of the coin!

Yesterday, I took a wonderful middle-aged couple from Pennsylvania, Dave and Sue- first time visitors to Alaska who were here for a week soaking up [...]

A tough day!

Halibut fishing is either good, great or superb! That’s mostly because these big, flat fish live in Cook Inlet and are voracious predators! Find em, and you can almost always make them bite! But king salmon, on the other hand, must be patiently waited for…like a spoiled house cat, you can’t make them come [...]